Will the real yogi please stand up? Please stand up, please stand up.

So, for those who haven’t heard, I decided to take up a #30DayHotYogaChallenge at a hot yoga studio here in Ottawa called Pure Yoga. Now, my challenge isn’t anything complicated or specific, I simply challenged myself to head into a yoga class everyday for a full month. It doesn’t matter which class I go into, I just have to go.

If you must ask, I never really fully did give yoga a chance. Throughout the past couple years, I participated in a few here and there, but never fully committed to it and didn’t understand the hype behind it. But I finally realized that it was because I wasn’t ready to grow. However, with this year all about harnessing positive energy into my life and trying new things, I figured this is the perfect summer to give yoga a serious shot, and Pure Yoga’s $40 introductory membership is the perfect solution for that.

Today marked my third day into the challenge. Throughout this month, I have decided that I want to jog down some notes of how I’d feel after each class. With that, I also wanted to dedicate this week’s post on what went through specifically on my mind during one of the classes I attended because I believe clearing your mind is easier said than done. As a beginner, that’s an even harder concept to grasp but I’ve realized that it’s okay! The wonderful thing about yoga is that there is no rush to it. Everything is between you and your mat. There is nothing specific you’re training for and it’s always a work in progress no matter what stage you are at.[hr]

Here’s what went on in my head during a hot yoga class as a beginner yogi. Have a laugh and enjoy! If this sounded like you at all, please comment your experience and share!

Ah, this is comfortable. I can simply lie here forever. Is this why everyone likes to meditate? Hmm everyone is so still. I wonder what they are all thinking about. 

Oh look, that girl is stretching her legs. I probably should do that too! My shoulders are pretty sore too. I wonder if the soreness will go away eventually… 

K I hate doing this but I am just going to do it. I need to crack my knuckles. I hope everyone doesn’t look at me with disgust. Maybe I’ll crack my back first then my knuckles so I can do it all in one go. Ok, doing it.

Lying back down. Ok. Inhale, Exhale, I’m so ready for this class. Here’s to pushing myself to trying something new.

Great, we are starting! This room is already pretty stuffy and we haven’t even started moving. This will be interesting. Okay, starting the practice off with table pose, easy. Love going back between the cat and cow pose, this is so relaxing. They really emphasize on the breathing! 

Onto downward dog. Right leg up. Okay, I guess I’m not as flexible as I thought I was since my leg is barely up from my mat… 

Am I opening my hip to the right even the proper way? It feels right. Leg down, phew. Crap, left leg’s turn.

Oh I love this part. Lift half way, fold all the way down. Inhale and exhale. I can do this all day. Yep, head sure is heavy. Lengthen the body and arms up.

Here comes the chair pose. Alright, clenching my glutes and holding that. I literally have such a flat butt, does this help? 

Alright, onwards to Warrior 3. Never done this before. Okay one leg back, I don’t think I am symmetrical at all but that’s okay. Just need to remember to breathe. Inhale here, exhale now. Oh god am I getting a foot cramp.. Really? Come on!!

Wow, everyone is breathing really loudly. Is this on purpose? Okay well in that case, I guess I will do that too. Maybe it helps more.

Back on our mat. Downward dog to what? I don’t even know what that pose means but my wrists already hurt and I’ve been in this position for 10 seconds. Ok everyone is lowering themselves down using their arm strength and I have none of that..

K, I just literally flopped down so ungracefully. The instructor probably knows I am new. The Chaturanga pose… please don’t make me do it again.

I am just going to skip to the upward dog…

Back to downward dog. Oh now we are doing planks. I wonder how long we have to hold these for… 

Does anybody else’s wrists hurt or is it just me? What does she mean don’t press on them? I am putting all my weight on my wrists, woman!!! This is bogus. Downward, Plank, Chaturanga, and Upward… how many times is she going to make us repeat this flow?

I’m in hell.

I am not even breathing anymore. What’s the proper way? In through my nose and out through my mouth? How are they inhaling for so long… I don’t even smoke. Can I inhale through my mouth. Ok I really need to snap out of this and just breathe. BREATHE JESS.

Can I leave yet? How long have I been in this class? 

Omg is she serious? Now we are doing side planks with our toes touching together? How is everyone still in tact and in form after being on their wrists for so long?! This is torture. I can’t do this. How am I supposed to hold my body weight with one arm. 

Woman. My wrists are going to snap off.

K, I am going to try. I’m here to push myself after all. Even if it’s for 3 seconds, at least I sort of did it.

1 – 2- 3, I’m done. Need water.

I’m sorry, what is the crane pose? Holy shit, ya I am definitely not capable of doing that at all what so ever. When can we go into the corpse pose? Heard that one is pretty fun…

We really spend a lot of time on our wrists. I probably need to work on them or else I am not going to survive a month here. 

Alright. Back to lifting and folding. Inhale, exhale. Ah yes, the mountain pose. Really needed to stretch that tailbone of mine. Hands to my heart and going into a tree pose. Ok. Pick a spot and stare at it so I don’t topple over. 

Sweat is literally dripping everywhere. Is there a fan in here?! Oh I love this song!! Did not know there is such a slow remix of it. Alright, warrior 2 pose, right arm up. This isn’t so bad! Even when we transition into a lunge, I can definitely hold that. Oh, we are going lower.. and lower.. and now my thigh is burning. Anddddd we are back into the mountain pose.

Oh yes, good call on interlocking our fingers and pressing our shoulder blades together. Wow, my muscles are really sore. I really need a massage. 

Here we go again… Downward Dog… please for the love of all the yogi Gods that we don’t spend too much time on our wrists. Oh, back to leg up and hip open. Crap, wrong leg. Now we are stepping one leg forward and our hands bend where? Oh that’s what she meant by revolved triangle. Thank goodness I am at the back of the class so nobody can see me.

Ah, I am starting to get the flow of these movements. Is this how it’s supposed to feel like? Oh, we are back on our mats already. What is a pigeon pose with my head down? This feels great! Can we stay here for awhile. This is the perfect time to get my breathing back to regular. Onward to the other side.

Oh, this is my favorite pose. The child pose. Do this one every morning the second I get out of bed! Does that mean the class is almost over? Wow, that does not seem like 60 minutes at all… time really does fly when you are focused. 

Hero pose to shavasana… also known as the corpose pose. Wow this wasn’t that bad at all. Inhale, exhale. Wow her voice is so soothing. Come to think of it, it’s like as if I just embarked on a 60 minute journey… or hike. Started at a happy and calm place, overcame hurdles and obstacles, and came out as a better, stronger, and sweatier person. Is this what people think about? Is that what yoga is all about? The journey to self discovery when you are in practice? Hmm…

I love the stillness right now. 

What class do I want to attempt tomorrow?


Pure Yoga

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