Questions to Ask Your Potential Wedding Venue

Congratulations! So you’re engaged to be married to the love of your life and have begun the glorious wedding planning process. Selecting a venue is certainly one of the most important aspect for your wedding, and there are countless factors to consider when choosing the best venue that align with your wedding vision. As a certified wedding […]


25 Life Lessons I Learned Turning 25

This is it. The big 25. After years of thinking that 2016 is beyond light years away, ah, well, it has finally arrived. I am about to be a quarter century old, and to be quite frank, it’s kind of nerve-wracking! Suddenly, a million and one questions popped into my head. Have I even done […]

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Can I Redo That Interview?

Today was an eye-changing experience. Unforgettable, even. And… it was all because of one interview. For those who do know, I have been trying to get my foot in the door with a specific start-up company for awhile now. They have a selective and competitive recruiting process which can take up to weeks or months […]

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First Dates: Summer Edition

The sun is blazing warm, the birds are chirping loud, and the grass is certainly looking greener. That’s right, Spring has definitely made an appearance in Ottawa, and it looks like it’s actually staying for awhile. After all, you can never be too optimistic when it comes to Canadian weather… However, one thing is for certain though: 50% […]

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Wedding Invitation Etiquette

When you are spending thousands of dollars on your wedding, it’s no doubt that you would want your family and friends to be there celebrating with you on your big day. However, in order for them to attend, it is the couple’s responsibility to relay the right information to their guests! Ironically enough, almost every […]

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