35 Thoughts That Run Through A Beginner Yogi’s Mind

Will the real yogi please stand up? Please stand up, please stand up. So, for those who haven’t heard, I decided to take up a #30DayHotYogaChallenge at a hot yoga studio here in Ottawa called Pure Yoga. Now, my challenge isn’t anything complicated or specific, I simply challenged myself to head into a yoga class […]


10 Daily Rituals To Make You Unstoppable

As we grow older, it is no surprise that our lives become more chaotic and unorganized. There is more work to do, kids to take care of, and hobbies that you want to keep so you won’t go insane. Your energy level may be down to 20% by the end of the week while your […]


Creating Your Perfect Wedding Palette

Choosing the right wedding palette will be one of the easiest decisions you will have to make as a bride or one of the hardest ones. Color speaks volumes. It can create a mood and transform the energy of a space. It can evoke a strong psychological response, which subsequently affect feelings and emotions. It can tell a story […]


‘Everlasting Spring’ Styled Shoot

Styled Shoot

Recently, I had the opportunity to coordinate my first styled shoot as a new wedding planner in the industry and I had a great time meeting different vendors across the city! Not only was everyone very welcoming, but also very generous with their services too. With the arrival of Spring that weekend, I decided to […]


Wedding Planner VS Venue Coordinator: Why You Should Have Both

Wedding Planner VS Venue Coordinator: The biggest misconception of all time. Recently, I overheard a newly engaged bride discussing how thrilled she is to have gone with a venue that handles “everything” for her. Being the Curious George I am, I asked if she is looking to hire a wedding planner as well. However, much to […]