A year ago, I got certified as a wedding planner and decided to start a blog to get myself familiar with the industry. I didn’t feel quite ready to leap into entrepreneurship, nor did I think I had enough experience to start booking clients. So, I decided to start looking into branding my name and focusing my time and energy in the following four areas:

  1. Networking
  2. Gaining Work Experience
  3. Blogging
  4. Identifying My Personal Style

The first two wasn’t hard to do – I love meeting people and I had the opportunity to work part time as a Production Assistant for Moonlight Events, a wedding decor company designing stunning weddings and events. Blogging, however, was definitely tougher than I expected! Between working 9-5 and three other jobs, volunteering, social gatherings, travelling and booking in some ME time – finding inspiration for content was definitely a struggle!

When I first began my personal branding journey last year, I wrote a post about everything I have grasped thus far. It was an eye-opening process and I truly learned a lot about my personal values and taste when it comes to my lifestyle and what I want people to perceive me as. Somewhere between my 3rd chai latte of the day and revisiting my notes from a wedding conference I attended, I realized that I was more than ready to launch a business – and I just needed the guts to take that first step. After all, I learn best from doing, and at this point there was nothing more I could do, it was time to take a leap and to start building my own dream. So I revisited that post and started digging deeper as to what I want my business to embody.

For months, I toyed with the idea of changing my blog into a business and naming it Jess P Events, or Events by Jess, to make it personable and easy to remember… but I also toyed with the idea of coming up with something different and unique. One afternoon, I stumbled on the word “enamour” and felt a spark going through my body.

Enamour: (en) verb; be filled with a feeling of love for. To have a liking or admiration for.
En Amour: (fr) to be in love with; être en amour


I’m IN love.

When mid-October came around, it was time to buckle down, I reached out to my network to see if anyone could recommend a graphic designer and brand specialist to help out bring my vision to life. After chatting with a dozen creative talents, I decided to take a chance with Smart Design, a small but mighty graphic design agency located in Gatineau specializing in branding.

Working with Smart Design has been a fantastic process these last few months. For those who know me, you would understand when I say I have no problem making informed decisions for others, but when it comes to myself, I can be the most indecisive person ever! The irony eh?! Their team was patient, considerate, and flexible. They asked me questions I didn’t think of ever addressing when it came to identifying my style and target demographic.

The whole branding process took about two months or so. During our first couple weeks of going back and forth, their team came back with a first batch of HAND-DRAWN designs, which may I add, were absolutely beautiful! Their team did some research into the market, my target audience, the competition, and had a brainstorming session to generate ideas and concept. Once we narrowed down on a logo concept, we focused on color palettes and design. I knew I wanted my company to portray romance in an elegant, lavish, and playful way, so I selected the right hues of pink to bring that to life. I also took into consideration my own personal style by looking at my wardrobe and home decor. I have always been very vibrant and never shy away from colors or patterns – so I wanted my brand to reflect that.

I am grateful to have had the chance to work with Smart Design and I would recommend reaching out to them if you are looking for a clean, sleek, and sophisticated designer to work with. They listen to your needs intently and go above and beyond to ensure their clients are satisfied, no matter how many times it takes to get it right! They have managed to surprise me on a number of occasions with additional social media graphics and business card designs! Aside from graphic & web design, did I also mention they also offer printing services and custom apparels?!

Creating your business brand is very similar to developing your personal brand. Below are a few questions I’d like to highlight to help YOU discover your brand:

  1. What story do you want your company or logo to evoke?
  2. Describe your ideal client. (Think demographic, age, style, class…)
  3. What problem are you looking to solve for your clients?
  4. Who are your top 3 competitors? What do you like about their brand and style? What do you dislike about their brand identity that you can bring forth?
  5. Describe your company in 5 words.
  6. What is the number 1 thing you value in a vendor-client relationship?

Smart Design can be reached at: info@smart-design.ca or 819.303.8130

Jess P