5 Effortless Ways To Discreetly Plan A Valentine’s Proposal

Let me be the first to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day! While for some it’s just another annoying Hallmark holiday, for others it is a day of love, or even, the perfect occasion to execute that Valentine’s proposal. Truth be told, today is a day where it is easy to over-promise and under-deliver. Most women have a sixth sense […]


Reflections: Wanderlust Yoga Festival

As some of you know, I started out on my yoga journey a few months ago and similar to many beginners, I wonder 90% of the time if I have been practicing properly. To be honest, I still think about that sometime, but I also now know (thank you, Kathryn) that there isn’t an “ultimate goal” to […]


25 Life Lessons I Learned Turning 25

This is it. The big 25. After years of thinking that 2016 is beyond light years away, ah, well, it has finally arrived. I am about to be a quarter century old, and to be quite frank, it’s kind of nerve-wracking! Suddenly, a million and one questions popped into my head. Have I even done […]

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First Dates: Summer Edition

The sun is blazing warm, the birds are chirping loud, and the grass is certainly looking greener. That’s right, Spring has definitely made an appearance in Ottawa, and it looks like it’s actually staying for awhile. After all, you can never be too optimistic when it comes to Canadian weather… However, one thing is for certain though: 50% […]

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35 Thoughts That Run Through A Beginner Yogi’s Mind

Will the real yogi please stand up? Please stand up, please stand up. So, for those who haven’t heard, I decided to take up a #30DayHotYogaChallenge at a hot yoga studio here in Ottawa called Pure Yoga. Now, my challenge isn’t anything complicated or specific, I simply challenged myself to head into a yoga class […]