The Do’s and Don’ts of Elopements

Elopements have gained more and more popularity over the past few years. Many couples have chosen to eloped for numerous reasons, such as looking to save money for the future, starting their lives together in a spontaneous and adventurous way, or even not wanting to deal with the overwhelming tasks of wedding planning! With that, […]


Brides’ Insider: Destination Wedding Tips

Planning an intimate wedding away from home is attractive to different couples for different reasons. It can help cut down your guest-list tremendously (meaning, only close friends and family only), and it can also serve as a mini-vacation for everyone! But most importantly – it mark the start of a wonderful adventure for couples in […]


Ali & Jade’s Surprise Proposal

A month ago, I received an inquiry in my inbox on a surprise proposal consultation. Being the hopeless romantic that I am and a sucker for fairytale surprises, I jumped at the opportunity and was eager to start brainstorming and coordinating details. Ali and Jade met during their undergrad at Queen’s University and have been […]


The Branding Journey with Smart Design

A year ago, I got certified as a wedding planner and decided to start a blog to get myself familiar with the industry. I didn’t feel quite ready to leap into entrepreneurship, nor did I think I had enough experience to start booking clients. So, I decided to start looking into branding my name and focusing my time […]

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5 Effortless Ways To Discreetly Plan A Valentine’s Proposal

Let me be the first to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day! While for some it’s just another annoying Hallmark holiday, for others it is a day of love, or even, the perfect occasion to execute that Valentine’s proposal. Truth be told, today is a day where it is easy to over-promise and under-deliver. Most women have a sixth sense […]