Let me be the first to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day! While for some it’s just another annoying Hallmark holiday, for others it is a day of love, or even, the perfect occasion to execute that Valentine’s proposal.

Truth be told, today is a day where it is easy to over-promise and under-deliver. Most women have a sixth sense (some call it an intuition) where they can pick up on plans, hints, and anything in between. Don’t get me wrong… sometimes it’s too easy to NOT turn a blind eye! Let’s face it: if my boyfriend suddenly wants to have a scavenger hunt, recreate our first date, or want to have a photoshoot with me… I’d be more than suspicious as to wanting to find out what’s going on.

My recommendation? Don’t propose on Valentine’s Day – but instead, propose a few days after. Not only will it throw your girlfriend off the tracks, but it will make you seem like the extra romantic and thoughtful boyfriend that you are planning two surprises in a week! Not to mention, there will still be some romance lingering in the air!

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For those who have girlfriends or significant others who can sniff a plan from miles away, planning a proposal can be tougher than an calculus test for an 10 year old. A proposal, in my books, has to be three things: Memorable, Discreet, and Romantic. The last thing you want is for your future fiancee to find out what you are up to and ruin the surprise! On the other hand, you want to make sure that the special moment to just between the two of you, unless you are certain that she wants to share the moment with her family and friends.

So, lo and behold!

Here are 5 effortless, creative, and discreet way to plan the perfect Valentine’s Proposal!

If she has a sweet tooth…

Get Netflix. Buy Candy. Build Fort. Do exactly those three things in that order, and propose a good ol’ fashion romantic movie night during this snowy winter. Get the fireplace crackling’ and those hot chocolates brewing to create that ultimate romantic ambiance! And make sure you purchase a giant bag of candy from Sugar Mountain in advance so you can hide that gorgeous ring of yours in there. After all, there’s nothing sweeter in there than your love for her!

If she is an animal lover…

Coordinate with a local animal shelter the logistics of your proposal so you can plan accordingly this weekend. Whether it be tying the ring onto a puppy’s collar or engraving “Will You Marry Me?” on a collar tag for a kitten… you can’t go wrong with incorporating an adorable animal in your proposal. Cue the endless “aww” and happy tears!

Bonus points if you both end up adopting a new family member after she says yes!

If she is into keepsakes…

Plan a fun date to a local arcade to relive your best childhood memories! Challenge her to a game of DDR, laser tag, or even air hockey to get both your adrenaline pumping. Afterwards, suggest a quick minute in the photobooth so you can pop her the question while the camera does its job! Now THAT’s a timeless and authentic keepsake both of you can carry wherever you go.

If she is a tea (or coffee) lover…

You got two options! You can head into Things Engraved and get a mug (or spoon) engraved with the words “Will You Marry Me?“… or you can head into a Paint-It-Yourself Ceramics Studio to decorate the bottom of a mug with those four beautiful words! Either way, surprise her in the morning by bringing her breakfast in bed. She will be more than awake when she finishes that first cup of caffeine to realize you are asking her to spend the rest of her life with you! Talk about a memorable and exciting way to start a day!

Or if you are looking to spruce up the proposal a little bit, get a close friend to host a weekend brunch and let them in on the secret. After finishing that first mug of coffee, celebrate the proposal by popping some bubbly!

If she is a social media junkie…

Head on over to Snapchat and design your fiancee-to-be a geofilter to pop the question! The great thing about the geo-filter is that you can be creative with your design, and you can customize the duration and proximity of the geofilter to whatever you want. Get both your friends and her friends in on the secret, and have them use the filter to send congratulatory snaps and videos after you proposed! Afterwards, you can download all the photos and videos used with that filter and rewatch them whenever you both please.

Bonus points if you manage to capture your proposal using your own filter… (You get 10 seconds for her to say yes!)

Whatever your fabulous proposal end up being, try your best to get that special moment captured on film! Whether it be an iPhone discreetly propped up by a shelf, using a GoPro, or hiring a professional to capture this beautiful moment – I promise you that it will be worth it looking back 10 years later as you both take a stroll down memory lane. Not to mention, both your parents would be dying to relive the moment, and it’ll be a great story to tell your children and grandchildren one day.

If you are still struggling with ideas, that’s OK! That’s what wedding and proposal planners are for. Consult with a wedding professional and see how they can help you craft the perfect way to ask the love of your life to be yours. Remember, no matter what you end up planning, the most important thing is that she says YES!

Now good luck out there sealing the deal with a kiss and a ring! Happy planning!

If you end up planning a Valentine’s Proposal… I’d love to hear from you and share your story! Please comment below or email us for a chance to win 15% off any wedding packages for the 2017-2018 wedding season!

Jess P