So, you’ve passed the proposal excitement and now the reality of planning and paying for a wedding hits you. Getting married can be stressful before you even factor in the burden of cost. Blindly spending on a wedding is something you should not do- trust us, it isn’t worth it!

Love is magical but when it comes to weddings you don’t want to remove that special feeling with anxiety. Avoid a one way ticket to the highway of debt and discover the ways to save.

There’s a few ways to avoid racking up more and more debt though, so don’t have a meltdown just yet. Practicing a few precautions can keep you in check.

Choose Your Season Wisely

Keep an eye on timing when choosing the date of your wedding. Believe it or not, there is wedding season’s actually do exist so if you want to save a few bucks then try to organize your wedding in the off season. Your wedding may be on the colder side of the spectrum depending on where you live, but enjoying the savings on your tropical honeymoon will make you forget all about it. There are also less popular days like Friday Night, Sunday or even a weekday, try to plan on these days. These days are usually under booked so you’ll get them at a better deal.

Buy In Season


Get in-season flowers for centerpieces that won’t break the bank.

Like with avoiding the popular wedding season, avoid ordering items for your wedding that are out of season. In fact, let the season determine your entire décor, food choices and even your bouquet. If you are set on something- stick to it but try to compromise on some other areas. Try to pick seasonal flowers which will be much cheaper and, let’s face it, they’ll most likely look better too. Seasonal foods are also a must as it’ll knock a lot of money off of your dining ticket- it will also taste better! You can also use seasonal fruits as décor, especially when it comes to center pieces!

Simplicity is Beautiful

It’s pretty easy to plan out extravagant ideas when you’re not looking at the price tag, but when the numbers all add up you may be looking for a sick bag. Forget going overboard and aim for a classy theme that will make your credit card bill a bit lighter. When you get down to it, this may actually be a lot easier than you think. Remember the most important part are your guests.


This is a big one. Venue’s generally take up the bulk of your budget. This is normal though so don’t freak out. The best way to approach a venue is to see if they offer packages. Try to choose a package based on your budget. Make sure to ask what’s included because it’s even better if they provide food, music and all the other little details you need for a successful night. Also, if you were planning on choosing two venues, one for the ceremony and one for the party, choosing one will allow for a more relaxed day too and guests won’t have to scurry from one place to another (and neither will you for that matter).


Food is a big deal too. From a five course meal to the cake, you’re looking to spend a hefty price tag. However, you don’t have to go crazy with 5 different options for your guests. Instead, take it easy with 2 courses, or if it’s cheaper go the old fashioned buffet route. The same can be said about your cake. Opt out for cakes with several tiers with different flavors and designs. Instead, offer cupcakes, or go the classic route with a one tier and one flavor cake.

Cho Chop on That Guest List

Think about it- less people means less food and center pieces, also a smaller venue. It may feel bad at first, but hey, sacrifices must be made. Stick to your closest friends and family, after all, they are all you need. At the end of the day, with a shorter list you’ll be able to keep your expenses down.

DIY- Do it Yourself it’s Not Hard

There’s a lot of components to a wedding that can be taken care of without spending a fortune by doing it yourself. DIY à la Pinterest provides you with an abundance of money saving tips for weddings in a wide variety of categories. Wedding invitations, thank you messages, bouquets and center pieces can all be done easily on your own. You can even rope in friends and family for these items. There’s no reason not to try!


Little things add up. Watch out for spending on accessories, shoes, your wedding bands, and other extras you need. Accessories for your hair can be borrowed from a friend or rented if you find those options. Opt for shoes that you can either re-wear or get something on sale. Look online for wedding bands and compare prices instead of going into a retail location.

Who Do You Know?

If you’re strapped for cash, think about your friends and family. Do you have friends who are or photographers or maybe professional musicians? Do you know someone in culinary or baking school? See if they’ll give you good deals. Maybe you know someone who is good with makeup or hair.

If you don’t know anyone, check out a student’s work to see if you can get a good price on someone who really needs the experience to push forward in their career. Keywords, professional and good. Make sure the people you ask will be able to pull off your wedding without a glitch, or be sure that you’re okay if the band is just mediocre.

Planning a wedding doesn’t mean you have to watch your money fly right out of your pocket. With these tips, you can cut out much of the costs and still have the wedding of your dreams!

Happy Planning!

Article contributed by Majesty Diamonds.

Jess P