As some of you know, I started out on my yoga journey a few months ago and similar to many beginners, I wonder 90% of the time if I have been practicing properly. To be honest, I still think about that sometime, but I also now know (thank you, Kathryn) that there isn’t an “ultimate goal” to attain in yoga and that it is different for everybody. Yoga is about creating space in between our thoughts and getting out of our heads. We learn about flexibility and learn to let go of our expectations. It’s about giving us room to grow and space to think. To evolve, to progress, and to advance.

Since I dived into registering for Wanderlust as a beginner yogi, I thought I’d challenge myself to get into the right mindset as I was heading into the weekend. The challenge is simple. Pick a mantra for each day of the week to embrace and practice. I decided to compile all of my thoughts and mantras into one blog post to further look back on and to reflect. Maybe some will resonate with you, and maybe some will inspire you to take on this challenge. Either way, I hope you enjoy reading some of my thoughts and lessons I’ve learned this past weekend.

• Day 1 of ‪#‎WanderlustWeek‬

With Wanderlust coming up this weekend, I want to spend this week decluttering my mind, reflecting, and setting my intentions on the important things that matter. By choosing a mantra for each day, I’m focusing on parts of myself that I’m looking to cultivate both on and off my mat. The good, the bad, and the nitty-bitty.

The first step is to begin: to create a positive picture to manifest and bring to life. My goal this week is to set the bar and be the best version I can be to myself and those surrounding me.

Inhale confidence, self-love, kindness, and positivity. Exhale self-doubt, worry, gossip, and negativity.

Wayne Dyer said, ” You create your thoughts, your thoughts create your intentions, and your intentions create your reality“. What are your thoughts? And are they creating the reality that you are hoping for?

Jess P

• Day 2 of ‪#‎WanderlustWeek‬

Fight or flight: the basic human response when we are approached by fear. “Is it worth it?” “Maybe next time.” “Am I good enough?”

As I sit here reflecting, I am grateful for the opportunities and people that have entered my life this year. Everything that happens, it happens for a reason. It’s designed to shape and reform you to the person we are destined to be. The lessons taught and learned. The choices faced and made.

Through the low and dark times, it is where we gain our wisdom and allow new found strength to emerge. Without that, we wouldn’t be as grateful, appreciative, and humble with the people surrounding us and with the life that is in our hands.

A few months ago, I took a leap of faith and opened my heart to someone I had no intention of meeting in my life. But I was pleasantly surprised when one night suddenly turned into weeks, and now months. After being independent for so long, I was skeptical and hesitant to risk all of that away, especially after discovering who I want to be and what impact I want to make in life. Did I really want to risk all that for someone I barely knew? However, if it wasn’t for that leap of faith, I wouldn’t be here celebrating this small milestone that has inspired me to believe again. A month ago today, he made a decision to become a healthier and better version of himself. It might not be significant to anyone else, but to us, it is a symbol of the stability and trust. I couldn’t be happier to have a supportive and caring partner by my side who has taken me by surprise and swept me off my feet💛

So this week, I challenge you to take a risk. If you become frightened or intimidated, feel inspired instead. Fear is something we battle with everyday, so don’t let it win every time. Stop letting chances slip away. Use that fear to inspire you to do something great. Be open with it, embrace it, and welcome it to your practice and lifestyle. [Tweet “When our intent is to be in control, our mind is in charge.”]

Jess P

• Day 3 of #‎WanderlustWeek

BE K I N D 💛 – it costs us nothing, but the value is priceless to the receiver.

To cultivate kindness, we have to look beyond ourselves. Our race, our age, our religion, our culture. When we practice kindness, we are training our brains to be kinder and more mindful of our actions. To be kind, it is not a weakness. It is a strength. Incorporating it long enough in our daily life, it will bring immediate and long-term happiness to our lives. The more we practice, the more we realize it’s full potential.

“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.” — Dalai Lama

Take time to reflect on those who have helped or inspired us. Pay it forward and brighten someone else’s day up. You never know what battle they are fighting and how much they needed that small gesture.

Smile at a stranger. Listen attentively. Buy someone a coffee. Let someone go in front of you. Compliment someone. Write an appreciation note. Invite someone out. Volunteer for a local charity.

Jess P

• Day 4 of #‎WanderlustWeek

Wanderlust weekend begins today, and I can’t contain my excitement to not only indulge myself in a weekend of yoga, nature, music, and inspiration… But also be surrounded by hundreds of creative and positive people from all over Ottawa‬.

I’ve always thought of mindful as being aware of our actions, but never made the connection to being conscious of time – until now. [Tweet “To be mindful is to be living in the moment. “]It’s to be aware of what’s going on without any distractions or wandering thoughts. It’s to be active, open, and intentional with our present. Similar to most, I’m a victim of time. I often find myself letting the present slip away by thinking or worrying about the future. However, I am learning that by living in the past or future, I am actively surrendering my freedom and my power to create. I don’t want that.

“Nothing has happened in the past; it happened in the snow. Nothing will ever happen in the future; it will happen in the Now”. — Eckhart Tolle

So for the next few days, I’m practicing my awareness; to stay grounded and to be fully awaken to experience what Wanderlust‬ has to offer without a worry in the world. To breathe in the fresh mountain air in the mornings, to savour every taste food has to offer, to feel the warm sunshine on my skin, to embrace the words that are being said aloud, and to enjoy every minute of my time this weekend.

It’s just me and my mat.

Jess P

• Day 5 of #‎WanderlustWeek

Wanderlust, we are here.

We woke up this morning with rain clouds over our heads and wind blowing through our hair. It’s chilly. It’s wet. But instead of being beaten down byMotherNature, we are all eager to open our minds and get our day started.

I began my morning with a meditation session with Intelligent Edge Yoga, leading us through a practice of gratitude and being still with the moment. As we find our zen and restore our balance, we finished the practice with a universal Indian Mantra, “Soham”, which ultimately translates to “I am” to deepen our focus and connect with our deeper essence.

Next, a class with MC YOGI, Amanda Giracomini and ,DJ Drez is definitely a practice not to be forgotten and an upbeat way to start any morning. Titled “Only Love Is Real“, these are artists who have so much love to give and a bottomless pit of wisdom to share. We bent, we danced, we laughed, and we connected. Painted on with warrior marks, we stood tall offering our love and devotion equally to one another.

“When we offer prayers, we receive blessings. When we offer our energy, we receive love”.

I’m blessed to be surrounded by so much kindness and positivity this weekend. We don’t attract what we want but rather who we are. Our attitude, or character, our values. They all define us as who we are underneath our hobbies, our job titles, and our to-do lists. Train our minds to focus on positive thoughts no matter the situation and we are well on our way to attracting the vibrations we want in our lives.

Exude positivity and radiate vibrancy. Let’s calibrate our energy to a level that attracts what we desire. [Tweet “Nothing is impossible if we dare to believe it.”]

And with that, I’m off to my next class. Namaste‬.

Jess P

• Day 6 & 7 of #‎WanderlustWeek

What a weekend.

It felt absolutely so surreal to be surrounded by such beautiful people and positive vibes in the gorgeous Mt. Tremblant. The energy was overflowing with so much love and kindness.

We are all destined for greatness. It just takes each one of us to figure out what that greatness is and who will be there along the way to cheer us on. During my last class, I was given a word to set my practice on and to go back to whenever I needed some guidance. The word I was given was “POWER“. I started my practice resonating that word with strength, but towards the end, I realized there was more to that. We all have the power to create, the power to give, and the power to inspire. We are more powerful than we think and it’s all in the palm of our hands.

So much to think about and to take in. I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to spend this weekend with my three best friends, Lina, Kyleigh, and Erin. Thank you for listening with your hearts. Thank you for being by my side. Thank you for introducing me to this beautiful world of yoga and this cOMmunity.

We are grateful.
We are happy.
We are connected.
We are fulfilled.

Until next time, Wanderlust 

Jess P

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Jess P