First off – Congratulations on your recent engagement! We can’t wait for you to dip your toes into this wedding planning pool filled with some fantastic and talented wedding vendors.

Whether you are looking to hire a wedding planner or to DIY, wedding planning can be a stressful and daunting experience if you aren’t completely sure as to how to manage your time or how to find the best supplier that matches your budget. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and sadly, it’s not something you can just hack away. The more help you can get, the more enjoyable your wedding planning process will be! Friends and family are great resources to have throughout your wedding planning process, but it is very beneficial to have a professional on your big day to manage your vendors, suppliers, and even wedding guests in case something goes off script! After all, you do want your wedding party, family members, and closest friends to enjoy your celebration with you by your side! The last thing you want to worry about is how to put out fires on your wedding day instead of enjoying the one day that you will never get to relive again.

En Amour Events offers various customizable wedding planning packages for any couple who is looking to have a little help on their special day. Each package is comprised of a complimentary no-obligation initial meeting to see if we are the right fit for you – and to see if you are the right fit for us! Each planner offers a different personality, style, and process which are reflected in their work, and it’s important that their attitude is suitable for you! A harmonious partnership is what we strive for and compatibility plays a huge role in that.

The most important thing we love for you, as a client, to do before scheduling an initial meeting with us is to DO YOUR RESEARCH! We emphasize on this because we want you to be as prepared as you can be prior to meeting with us. Whether it be attending wedding shows, reading up on wedding blogs, creating your wedding vision binder, or pinning a wedding board on Pinterest – it’s always better to come over-prepared than under-prepared! Not to mention, it’ll make our initial meeting go a little smoother and you will feel as if you got more out of it than a simple hello and a pricing package… because that’s not our intention at all!

Once you get in contact with us, you will hear back from us no later than 48 hours. We are fairly flexible on the evenings and weekends, and would love to treat you to a cup of coffee or a glass of wine while we get to know you better. Think of our initial meeting as a first date – except without the awkward silences and jittery laughter!

Some Items We Would Be Going Over:

  • Your ideal wedding vision
  • What you are looking for in a planner
  • What services you are looking to book for your wedding
  • An overview of En Amour Events’ planning process, style, and portfolio

Kindly know an initial meeting does not include specific recommendations on venues, vendors, or budget, etc, and it also isn’t the place or time to negotiate prices. No two weddings are alike and for this reason, we like to customize our quotes to each particular wedding we coordinate.

Come Prepared With The Bare Minimum…! (Don’t worry, we will get into the details during our meeting)

  • Wedding Date (if applicable)
  • Wedding Venue – Ceremony & Reception (if applicable)
  • Detailed Description of Wedding Colours & Style
  • Estimated # of Guests
  • Your Budget (if applicable)
  • Any Preferred Vendors You Want To Work With
  • Likes & Dislikes From A Previous Wedding You Attended
  • Any Non-Negotiables We Should Be Aware Of

We understand that everybody has busy schedules – so we highly recommend that you only reach out to planners, vendors, and suppliers if you are truly interested in working with them and are within your budget. After our meeting, we will be sure to send along a follow up note with everything that we have discussed, as well as a tentative proposal from us.

Interested? Let’s Chat! Shoot us an email at and take a peek at our packages!

Jess P